Top Parenting Tips

If you and your partner are expecting a child, you’ve probably brought way too many parenting books that you never read but to be honest, parenting is only as hard as you make it out to be. It doesn’t have to be a hard task because you get to watch your own child grow up little by little and you get to teach your child good values and such.

Some parents tend to get overwhelmed by the responsibility of bringing up a kid and they tend to be so protective of the kids especially from their birth up until they turn eleven or twelve but the truth is, your child is probably not as fragile as you think they are going to and even though being careful is good, worrying and stressing out is not that good. They may take a few falls off their cubby houses from time to time but they do not need to be labeled as fragile and confined to just one space with mommy watching over them.

Throw away all those boring books on parenting that are lying on top of your nightstand and continue reading because these tips will help you master the art of parenting instantly.

The importance of playtime

Playtime is absolutely necessary for kids because it helps them develop their physical strength, their creativity and many more. The easiest way is to assign them a specific area to play in as this will teach them about boundaries and respecting elders. From the day their born to the time they join the school football team, encourage their playtime and allow them to play in their cubby houses and slides.

Love, support and affection

These three things are what your child will need the most besides their basic needs. Some parents show all these qualities towards their children during the toddler stages and forget to express these emotions when they reach their adolescence but this is when kids will need the most amounts of love, support and affection.

Loving your child is something that will come naturally to any parent but make sure that you do not quit voicing your love for your children as they grow up because that is when they will need to hear that they are loved and appreciated as most during their adolescence tend to showcase rebellious behavior. Another thing that is important is support, as they grow up and start making their own decisions, respect and support their dreams and hopes.

Set rules and boundaries

Just like how potty training your child is important, disciplining your child too is very important because how disciplined they were as kids, are very likely to reflect in their personalities when they grow up.

Another plus would be that a disciplined kid will make your life a whole lot easier especially in public places.

Benefits Of Implementing 5S In Your Office

The 5S system is now one of the most popular systems implemented in the highest number of offices around the world today. This 5S system was introduced as a way of increasing the total productive maintenance of any given company.

This system basically consists of 5 steps towards increasing the efficiency and effectiveness; namely

• Cleaning up

• Arranging

• Neatness

• Discipline

• Ongoing Improvement 

This process typically requires a few steps to be applied. For instance; when it comes to the step “arranging” all items are required to have a place in the organization and that place has stick on labels telling you what exactly is supposed to be in that area. Dows this actually work, you may ask.

Well here are a few proven benefits that companies which have implemented the 5S system have noticed soon after.

Increased efficiency

Bone of the main things that you will notice is the increase in efficiency. The employees will be able to work better in an environment as such, as well as they will also know where all the required items are due to the stick on labels that the company has put up around the office. They are able to work effectively and will be pushed to work smart instead of working more.

Reduced delays

There will be a massive reduce in the amount of delays that the company will see. There will be a huge increase in the output and the company will turn much more productive than before.

Increased sales

Due to the office area being so neat and organized it can be used as a great selling technique to increase the sales in the company thereby increasing the profit that the company makes over that particular period of time.

Reduced wastage and other costs

There will be a reduction in the amount of wastage since the work processes are laid out quite simply and there is therefore, very little room for error. There will be a massive saving on the energy costs that the company will need to bear and so this will contribute to a higher percentage of profits at the end of the financial year.

Fewer accidents

There will be a reduction in the number of accidents. As per the 5S ruling, you will need to list out the processes in an area that individuals can see them, immaterial if they already know the system or not. Another requirement will be setting up signs of hazards and other areas which accidents can occur in.

5 Creative Activities For Toddlers

If you buy expensive toys or electronics for your toddler, stop right now. Despite elaborate claims in advertisements, such toys can only do so much for your kids. Additionally, your kids can get addicted to television and video games, which can lead to undesirable health conditions such as childhood obesity. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on expensive items for your toddler to have a fun and meaningful play time. There are plenty of ways to offer much-needed stimulation for a growing brain that cost little to no money. So, try one of the following to enjoy a great time with your toddler without having to empty your wallet:

1.       Flower collector

Toddlers love colours and little cute things. So your baby will definitely love going out to collect pretty flowers and figuring out the different smells they have. You don’t actually need any outdoor play equipment like toy shovels. It’s as easy as going out the door and finding a plant.

2.       Backyard cartwheels

During those moments when your toddler can’t keep still, take him or her outside and teach them how to do cartwheels. There’s nothing toddlers love more than rolling around in the grass. It’s so adorable to watch them attempt to do a perfect cartwheel.

3.       Go to the playground

You don’t need to buy educational toys in Australia when there’re public playgrounds with all the toys your toddler ever wanted. Let your child perfect his or her developing motor skills on the monkey bars, seesaws, slippery slides and the swings. It’s also a great opportunity for your toddler to connect with other kids and learn communication skills.  Keep in mind to wash his hands when playtime is over. At least, take some hand sanitizer.  

4.       Try an adventure walk in the park

Light exercise offers excellent benefits for both kids and parents. Next time, skip family TV time and go on an afternoon walk at the nearest part. You can make this more fun for toddler by pretending that you are on a jungle adventure. Tell them the names of trees, flowers or animals you might spot. Toddlers are avidly curious and there’s no better toy than the natural environment. Go prepared to address many questions along the way.

5.       Play little ornithologist

What’s better than airplanes? Birdies, of course. Grab a pair of toy binoculars and go outside. Now, teach your toddler how to use the binoculars to spot birds. Your toddler will have the time of her life learning to use the new machinery and spotting colorful birds. If you don’t have a backyard, you can go to a park or a hiking trail to spot birds. Even congested cities have pigeons and crows to look at, so playing ornithologist will never be boring.

The best games are the ones that improve your child’s learning potential. Choose high quality kids ride on toys over indoor ones (if the weather is good). Never, ever stress your child by telling them what to do. Just let them be themselves during playtime.