Cerebral Palsy And Therapy

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

You might have heard the term cerebral palsy but you never actually knew what exactly it was. Cerebral palsy is a condition that develops as a result of a brain injury. There is a common misconception that all cerebral palsy cases occur due to faulty childbirth, but that is no true. No, while CP can be caused by a faulty childbirth, the true percentage is only ten. Most cases, the cause of CP is due to brain malformation before birth or in some cases, external factors such as abuse, accidents and infections can cause persons to develop CP later in life.

Is There Any Treatment?

CP is a non-curable disease. The cause of CP is brain injury which sadly unlike other parts of the human anatomy, cannot heal itself again. However, though it is not curable, the condition is non progressive which means that while it can’t get better, it can’t worsen as well. Through the use of surgery and physio therapy, persons suffering from CP can make the disease more manageable and maximize their independence. There are a number of forms of therapy some which use specialized wheelchair in ACT helping people with disabilities, Rifton pacers and such to help the patients adapt to life with the disease.

What Kind of Physical Therapy?

Persons with CP make the use of a number of forms of therapy to manage their disease to enhance their life quality and to make their condition limit their lifestyle as little as possible. One common type of therapy used is physical therapy where certain goals are to develop coordination, build strength, improve balance and maintain flexibility. There a variety of activities and exercise that can be followed with the assistance of walkers, Rifton pacers and specialized rifton pacer is more versatile, adaptable and durable mobility to help in the initial stages. Another form of therapy that helps is aqua or water therapy. Here the main aim is to improve physical function but as it is conducted in the water, their body weight is reduced by 50% making it easier for them to move about and less painful as they meet less resistance.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of benefits of using therapy, the biggest benefit being the avoidance of Joint inflammation, Muscle tightening or atrophy, Muscle spasticity, Loss in joint range of motion, Pain in muscles and joints,. Physical therapy will help persons with CP be able to maximize the quality of their life by limiting their condition from interfering with the day to day activities of their life.