Steps To Plan A Baby-Shower

A baby-shower is very special to the new mom-to-be. If you have been given the responsibility to plan it, then it means she trusts that you’ll do a good job and hence you need to step up to it. Usually, showers are held around the end of pregnancy and this time period is certainly hectic for the mother and everyone else in the family. They will be busy preparing to welcome the little one and hence you need to manage everything well. So here are some easy steps to follow to plan the perfect shower. 

Make the guest list and budget
Ask the mom for a complete guest list along with their addresses so that it wouldn’t be a hassle when sending out the invitations. The amount of grandeur of the event will depend on the budget and hence you need to plan it out wisely.

  • Select a date, time and venue
    You need to consult the mother and decide a time and date she is free. Usually as mentioned before, showers are held when she is about seven months pregnant, where she is safely into her pregnancy. This time frame will also give them plenty of time to decide what else to buy for the child, after viewing all gifts since walking around a great kids clothes sale clearance would be useless if you’ve got so many clothes. A weekend would be ideal where all family and friends can join. Consider your budget, time of year and guest list when selecting the venue. A smaller crowd can be hosted at home while a larger crowd and budget will allow you to have it at a restaurant. It’s easier since the staff will take care of everything.
    • Plan the menu and décor
      This should be all about the mother. Make sure you know her favourite colours and food before you finalize the menu and buy décor. You can pick a theme if you like such as a Disney character or special colour palette. A simple set of ribbons, balloons and crape with plenty of fairy lights will do the trick. You can also lay around a few gifts for her such as handmade baby boy clothes and toys just to create the ambience. Comfort and finger food is the best option at such an evening so that all guests could easily treat themselves as they please. The mother may also have had enough eating broccoli and other healthy foods all the time so a little pampering is fine for the day.
      • Plan the agenda
        You can include fun games and surprises for the mother and guests. While unwrapping gifts is a common ritual, you can ask all your guests to bring photos of their own babies or themselves when they were young. It would be great fun to walk down memory lane.