5 Creative Activities For Toddlers

If you buy expensive toys or electronics for your toddler, stop right now. Despite elaborate claims in advertisements, such toys can only do so much for your kids. Additionally, your kids can get addicted to television and video games, which can lead to undesirable health conditions such as childhood obesity. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on expensive items for your toddler to have a fun and meaningful play time. There are plenty of ways to offer much-needed stimulation for a growing brain that cost little to no money. So, try one of the following to enjoy a great time with your toddler without having to empty your wallet:

1.       Flower collector

Toddlers love colours and little cute things. So your baby will definitely love going out to collect pretty flowers and figuring out the different smells they have. You don’t actually need any outdoor play equipment like toy shovels. It’s as easy as going out the door and finding a plant.

2.       Backyard cartwheels

During those moments when your toddler can’t keep still, take him or her outside and teach them how to do cartwheels. There’s nothing toddlers love more than rolling around in the grass. It’s so adorable to watch them attempt to do a perfect cartwheel.

3.       Go to the playground

You don’t need to buy educational toys in Australia when there’re public playgrounds with all the toys your toddler ever wanted. Let your child perfect his or her developing motor skills on the monkey bars, seesaws, slippery slides and the swings. It’s also a great opportunity for your toddler to connect with other kids and learn communication skills.  Keep in mind to wash his hands when playtime is over. At least, take some hand sanitizer.  

4.       Try an adventure walk in the park

Light exercise offers excellent benefits for both kids and parents. Next time, skip family TV time and go on an afternoon walk at the nearest part. You can make this more fun for toddler by pretending that you are on a jungle adventure. Tell them the names of trees, flowers or animals you might spot. Toddlers are avidly curious and there’s no better toy than the natural environment. Go prepared to address many questions along the way.

5.       Play little ornithologist

What’s better than airplanes? Birdies, of course. Grab a pair of toy binoculars and go outside. Now, teach your toddler how to use the binoculars to spot birds. Your toddler will have the time of her life learning to use the new machinery and spotting colorful birds. If you don’t have a backyard, you can go to a park or a hiking trail to spot birds. Even congested cities have pigeons and crows to look at, so playing ornithologist will never be boring.

The best games are the ones that improve your child’s learning potential. Choose high quality kids ride on toys over indoor ones (if the weather is good). Never, ever stress your child by telling them what to do. Just let them be themselves during playtime.