Tips For Selecting A Gift For A One Year Old

It is very hard for non parents to select gifts for children. Especially for a one year old. You can’t give those books, or ornaments or vouchers. It is quite hard to decide what to get and how to choose a gift for a one year old. Here are few tips and idea for gifts.

This is the easiest choice you can have when baby products shopping. However there are few things you should know when getting clothes as a gift. If you have not seen the baby for a while, you may not know the exact size of the child. When you select cloths make sure to get one size bigger clothes. Because the child can never fit in to a smaller ones, but if you get slightly bigger cloths if they can’t fit in to them right away they can fit in later. Next thing is the colours, of course if it is a girl you would go with pink and if it is a boy you would go with blue, but if you feel that you don’t need to stick to the conventional colours, you can always pick dainty colours like mint, yellow, white, peach for a girl and colours like grey, dark green and red colours for boys. For the styles make sure you get an appropriate one for the one year old.

This is a type of a gift which makes you think baby products shopping is harder than you think it is. Now when you go to a toy shop to get a gift for a one year old, don’t just pick the first thing you see, if you are going to spend money to get a gift why not get something useful. There are many different types of toys available for girls and boys. Keep these few tips in mind, don’t ever get them noisy toys like , fire trucks, crying dolls, or even singing toys, parents will dislike you after you have given their child a noisy toy. Instead you can give them cuddly and plush toys. Such as the make the cake, it’s this soft cushions that the child can stack to make a cake, it is creative and no noise. Or doll houses for a girl. Avoid buying toys with small pieces since they are too small and the child could suffocate on one of the pieces.

There are other gist items that you can get such as bath sets for the child or any basic baby products, but again if you are not very close with the parents you cannot give a gift like that. It is always better put a lot of thought to the gift you get for a one year old child.