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We are a safe and sound habitat for keeping your children happy, healthy and secure in our early learning centre for child care. We are a team and have three beautiful young kids as well so we know well enough which things are good for the child and which things are beneficial for their healthy brain development and personality. We do not focus on their mental growth but also behavioral growth and development. So we are determined to provide an extra safe and comfortable environment to the child where he can feel safe and play well with his fellows. Our day care centre Kensington are regulated and maintained by parents like you so there is no need to feel reluctant over asking for the reliability of the management team. Your child is our priority and we feel that it is the best to have sustainable relationship with you. That can only happen if you put your trust in us. That is why we are always making sure that we provide you with the best services that you want for your child.

We will never let your child feel that he or she is feeling out of the place. The vibes we have in our place is totally home like and we realize how important it is for your child to give a feeling of belongingness in a place when parents are out for work for the rest of the day. We truly respect your trust in us when you let us handle your child and give the development they need for the day. We never compromise on the quality of our daily performance as we know tat each moment is substantial for your child’s optimum growth mentally and emotionally. We do not focus on giving care to your children, we also focus on giving them the optimum education suited for their ages.

We realize it as a family that our children are our future and their correct upbringing is essential for laying right foundations of the future. We are enthusiastic about raising the stakes in this industry as there is no room for compromise. We optimize the process by making learning easy, fun and satisfactory for your children while instilling in them the right spirit of humanity, love and compassion. These are some core values without which we are never going to be able to turn into the ideal humans we are destined to be and this is what we want in all children in the country. We make an oath to always levelling up when it comes to child care in Waterloo as it is the need of the society and it gets better minute after minute.


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